Vince Natale.
Managing Director.


Anthony Natale.
Managing Director


Get to know US

The Natale family has produced table grapes in the Robinvale district since 1966.It is now in it's 3rd generation, with brothers Vince and Anthony now running day to day operations. Their father Phillip is still offering knowledge and assistance. Many years of wisdom and hard work has lead the company to where it is today, using each generation to build on providing the best taste and quality in our fruit.

Originally the property comprised of 25 acres (10 hectares). Since 1976, the demand for produce has dramatically risen, resulting in the expansion of our company. The business now consists of over 200 acres.


Being a competitive marketplace our aim is to always be ahead of the game. By doing this we can provide our customers with the same great quality of grapes we have always offered.
In our quest we have partnered with a world leading grape breeding company International Fruit Genetics (IFG).